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IAF Sustaining Member Program

The IAF Sustaining Member Program began in 2012 as a tool to formally recognize those churches and individuals that support the Fellowship on a recurring basis. For example, if one of the line items in a church budget contains a donation to the IAF, that church is eligible to become a Sustaining Member. Similarly, individuals or families who desire to provide support on a regular basis are recognized as Sustaining Members.

This program helps to give the IAF Board of Directors an idea of how to plan distribution of donated funds for TAC missionary projects and to target those projects that are most in need. As a token of appreciation, Sustaining Members are presented with a wall plaque, a tangible example of commitment and caring.

The following churches and individuals have become Sustaining Members since October 25, 2016. Many thanks for your active participation in support of the IAF missionary projects.


Anglican Church in America (ACA)

Diocese of the Northeast - Steward: Fr. Merrill Perkins

Diocese of the West - Steward: Darlene Peacock

Diocese of the Missouri Valley - Steward: Sarah Albert

Diocese of the Eastern United States - Steward: Laura Ewald


Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC) - Stewards: Father Glenn Galenkamp & Canon Doug Nicholson


Anglican Church in Southern Africa (ACSA) - Steward: Jenny Gill

  • St. Andrews, Johannesburg, SA


Traditional Anglican Church in Britain (TACB) - Steward: Vacant

  • Saint Cuthbert’s Church, Burghill, Herefordshire, England

  • Individual, Chulmleigh, Devon England

Traditional Anglican Church of Western Australia - Steward: The Canon Rev. Brian Tee

  • Saint Peter's Parish, Perth

  • Saint Andrews Parish, Perth WA

IAF Stewards

The IAF Steward Program has been established as a management tool and communication link between the Board of Directors (specifically, the Executive Director) and members of various TAC churches and organizations. Eventually we hope to have a Steward in each diocese.   Working with the IAF Executive Director, Stewards (who are volunteers) will assist the Board by maintaining contact with and funnelling IAF related information to the churches and individuals in their home dioceses.   This will include distribution of newsletters, collection of donated funds, and information concerning the IAF mission and planning goals.  They will also field questions regarding IAF operations and will help identify candidates for the Sustaining Member Program. These are the volunteers who are currently IAF Stewards.

Darlene Peacock is a member of All Saints Church in Fountain Valley, CA and a steward for the Diocese of the West, ACA.

Jenny Gill is the Steward for the Anglican Church in South Africa.

Sarah Albert is the Steward for the Diocese of the Missouri Valley, ACA.

The Rev. Dr. David Moody is Steward for the Diocese of the Northeast, ACA.

Laura Ewald Diocese of the Eastern United States, ACA

The Rev. Glenn Glenn Galenkamp is Steward for the IAF in the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada Diocese of Canada West. 

The Rev. Canon Doug Nicholson Diocese of Canada East, ACCC

Vacant Traditional Anglican Church in Britain

Interested in becoming active in the IAF Steward Program?  Contact Fr. Ed Ihde by phone at 716-804-26152-3085 or by email.

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